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2009 year, number 4

Phenomenological Model of Nanocrystalline Silicon Film Formation by Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition

P. L. Novikov, A. Le Donne, S. Cereda, L. Miglio, S. Pizzini, S. Binetti, M. Rondanini, C. Cavallotti, D. Chrastina, T. Moiseev, H. Von Kanel, G. Isella, F. Montalenti
Keywords: plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, nanocrystalline silicon, modeling, Raman spectroscopy
Pages: 49-55


A combined theoretical and experimental analysis of the crystalline phase fraction in nanocrystalline films grown by low-energy plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition is presented. The effect of the key parameters, such as temperature, silane flux, and hydrogen dilution ratio, is analyzed. An atomic-scale Monte Carlo model is developed, where the crystallization probability depends on the local environment of the nanocrystalline film. Good agreement is found between the experiments and theory, despite the use of a single fitting parameter.