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2009 year, number 4

Photoconductivity in a Magnetic Field and Photomagnetic Effect in p-HgCdTe Graded-Gap Photodetecting Film Structures

V. Y. Kostyuchenko
Keywords: mercury cadmium telluride, graded-gap structures, photoconductivity, photomagnetic effect
Pages: 41-48


The photomagnetic effect and photoconductivity in a magnetic field are studied at a liquid nitrogen temperature for the Voigt geometry on p-HgCdTe films with graded-gap boundary regions where the content of cadmium (x) is increased above its mole fraction in the central area of the structure with a uniform distribution of x. A case with dominating Shockley-Read recombination is considered. It is demonstrated on the basis of experimental data that the film structure in studying these effects can be replaced by the central area with an identical value of x, by introducing effective velocities of surface recombination and surface generation of excess charge carriers on the interfaces between the central area and the graded-gap regions.