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2009 year, number 4

Effect of Post-Implantation Annealing on the Current-Voltage Characteristics of IR Photodiodes Based on p-HgCdTe

A. V. Vishnyakov, V. S. Varavin, M. O. Garifullin, A. V. Predein, V. G. Remesnik, I. V. Sabinina, G. Y. Sidorov
Keywords: mercury cadmium telluride, MCT, HgCdTe, photodiode, tunnel currents, numerical modeling of current-voltage characteristics, numerical modeling of mercury diffusion, ion implantation, post-implantation annealing
Pages: 32-40


Current-voltage characteristics of IR photodiodes and distributions of charge carriers in n+-n-p-structures based on vacancy p-doped Hg1−xCdxTe films with x = 0.22 are examined. Threedimensional numerical modeling of the distribution of charge carriers and current-voltage characteristics during photodiode annealing is performed. The calculations predict that large tunnel currents in diodes after implantation can result from an elevated (more than 1015 cm3) concentration of donors in the n-layer, which enhances tunneling by decreasing the thickness of the space charged region of the n-p-junction, and also from a small (less than 3 μm) depth of the p-n-junction.