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2009 year, number 4

Silicon Nanowire Transistors for Electron Biosensors

O. V. Naumova, B. I. Fomin, L. N. Safronov, D. A. Nasimov, M. A. Ilnitskii, N. V. Dudchenko, S. F. Devyatova, E. D. Zhanaev, V. P. Popov, A. V. Latyshev, A. L. Aseev
Keywords: silicon-on-insulator, nanowires, proteins, bovine serum albumin
Pages: 6-11


A method of nanostructuring of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) layers on the basis of gas etching in XeF2 or SF6:CFCl3 is developed for the purpose of obtaining SOI nanowire structures. SOI nanowire transistors (SOI NWTs) with free channels, used as sensors in electron detectors, are fabricated and tested. The results of experiments show that the method used to fabricate nanowires requires no hightemperature operations for elimination of defects after nanostructuring of SOI layers. The sensitivity of SOI NWTs to test molecules of bovine serum albumin is 1015 mole/liter, which is one of the best results for nanowire biosensors.