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2008 year, number 1

An Approach to Constructing Knowledge Portals

Yu. A. Zarogulko and O. I. Borovikova
Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems SB RAS, Novosibirsk
Pages: 75-82


An approach to constructing specialized Internet portals is considered. These portals have to ensure access to knowledge and information resources of a certain field of knowledge. The information basis for such portals is formed by ontologies, which allow heterogeneous data and knowledge to be presented in a unified manner and ensure their relatedness. For simpler customization of the portal to a chosen field of knowledge, its ontology is divided into the base ontologies (ontologies of research activities and knowledge) independent of the knowledge domain of the portal and the domain-related ontology, which describes a certain field of knowledge. Based on the portal ontology, internal storages of data are constructed; management of information content, navigation and search in the information space of the portal are organized.