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Thermophysics and Aeromechanics

2013 year, number 1

The velocity of gas bubble rise in a tube

Yu.B. Zudin
Razumovsky Moscow State University of Technologies and Management, Moscow, Russia
Keywords: gravitational rise, Taylor bubble, Laplace equation, correct analysis, superposition method, passage to the limit, Froude number
Pages: 29-38


The solutions of the Laplace equation involving the diverging infinite series are used in the classical works at the analysis of the problem of the gravitational rise of a gas bubble in a tube filled with ideal fluid (the Taylor bubble). In the present work, an approximate method is proposed for a correct analysis of the above problem. The ideal fluid flow around a body of revolution in a tube is constructed by the method of the superposition of elementary solutions. The satisfaction of the free surface condition in the critical point neighborhood and the passage of the main parameter to the limit lead to the sought expression for the dimensionless velocity of the gas bubble — Froude number.