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Thermophysics and Aeromechanics

2011 year, number 2

Study of slag content and properties after plasma melting of incineration ash

Hyun-seo park
Jeonju University
Keywords: plasma melting, incineration ash, dioxins, environment, chemical compound, heavy metals, leaching
Pages: 313-321


The paper presents the investigation of plasma melting of the mixed bottom and fly incineration ash at various mixing ratios of the components. Chemical compound of the bottom and fly ash as well as the slag after its melting was analyzed by different methods, and the content of toxic components in them was determined. It is demonstrated that the direct disposal of the fly and bottom incineration ash may cause dioxin and heavy metal contamination of the environment. The influence of melted ash basicity on the resulting slag compound was studied. The mass balance of the melting process was defined. The tests were performed to determine the heavy-metals leaching from the ash and slag. It is also shown that the slag after plasma melting is dioxin-free and environmentally friendly.