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Thermophysics and Aeromechanics

2011 year, number 1

Structure parameters and structure sensitive properties of Sn0.739Pb0.261 melt

V.M. Sklyarchuk1, YU.A. Plevachuk1, A.S. Yakimovich1, I.I. Shtablavy1, S.V. Stankus2, R.A. Khairulin2
1 Ivan Franko Lviv National University
2 Kutateladze Institute of Thermophysics SB RAS,
Keywords: structure factor, interdiffusion, viscosity, Sn?Pb eutectic, melt
Pages: 123-128


Structure, interdiffusion, and dynamic viscosity of eutectic Sn−Pb melt have been experimentally investigated in a wide temperature range. On the basis of the obtained data on the position and form of the first maximum of the structure factor in the framework of the hard sphere model, values of sphere packing index and sphere diameter have been determined for the melt at 470 and 570 K. Correlations resulting from the model of hard spheres served to calculate coefficients of dynamic viscosity and interdiffusion of liquid alloy. Besides, temperature dependence of dynamic viscosity has been calculated with the use of thermodynamic approximation of Kozlov ⎯ Romanov ⎯ Petrov. Calculated values of the properties have been compared with experimental data.