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Thermophysics and Aeromechanics

2010 year, number 3

Electric-arc plasma-chemical reactors of separated, single-chamber, and combined types

B.I. Mikhailov
Keywords: electric-arc plasmatorch, plasma chemistry, plasma-chemical reactor, plasma-forming medium, classification, lifetime, power, thermal efficiency, reaction zone, powder fraction, refractory, scanning, V-shape arc, liquid-metal electrode, manufacturability,
Pages: 400-412


A wide variety of electric-arc reactors are involved in different areas of science and technologies. Therefore, a demand arose for their systematization. Here we present the classification of most existing types of electric-arc reactors regarding the mutual positioning of plasma-generation and reaction zones. There are three types of reactors: separated, single-chamber, and combined type. Different engineering solutions in each type led to some scatter in the thermal efficiency, power range, lifetime, and other results. No consideration has been given to the reactors of single-chamber heating. They are very special and require individual researches.