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Thermophysics and Aeromechanics

2010 year, number 3

Structure of the channel flow behind a surface-mounted rib under conditions of laminar-turbulent transition

O.A. Dushina, V.M. Molochnikov, A.A. Paereliy, N.I. Mikheev, V.V. Lemanov
Keywords: laminar-turbulent transition, heat transfer augmentation, large-scale vortical structures, PIV measurements, flow structure
Pages: 335-345


The PIV technique was used to measure the instantaneous vector fields of flow velocity and vorticity behind a thin cross-flow rib installed in a channel with laminar, transient, or turbulent flow. The data were treated statistically to determine the fields of mean longitudinal flow velocity and the correlations of pulsating velocity components 〈uv′〉 and 〈uu′〉. Some features of the flow structure developing under conditions of laminar-turbulent transition behind the rib have been revealed.