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Thermophysics and Aeromechanics

2010 year, number 2

The peculiarities of crystallization of low-temperature eutectic in magnesium-lead system

S.V. Stankus, R.A. Khairulin
Keywords: density, magnesium-lead eutectic, crystallization, melting, gamma-method
Pages: 205-211


Density of low-temperature eutectic in magnesium−lead system (83.06 at. % Pb) has been measured by gamma-raying of the samples with narrow beam from cesium-137 isotope over the temperature range 293−1000 K of solid and liquid states. Approximation density dependences have been obtained and data of this work and other authors have been compared. Reference tables of temperature dependences of the alloy thermal properties have been compiled for the entire range of measurements and their errors estimated. It is shown that differences in the values of volumetric changes obtained during melting and crystallization are bound with the metastable β′-phase formation.