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Thermophysics and Aeromechanics

2010 year, number 2

Heat-transfer regularities of the anemometric wire

N.I. Mikheev, A.V. Sakhovsky, K.R. Khairnasov, D.V. Kratirov
Keywords: digital hot-wire anemometer, heat transfer of a cylinder
Pages: 173-180


Experimental heat-transfer data for a small-diameter hot wire have been obtained and generalized in a wide range of Reynolds numbers typical of hot-wire anemometry. The experiments were carried out using an IRVIS-TA5 digital hot-wire anemometer and standard critical nozzles used for regulating the flow in the test section of the Eiffel chamber in which the hot-wire sensor was installed. Approaches to carrying out hot-wire anemometric measurements without a labor-consuming calibration procedure for the hot-wire sensor are substantiated.