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Thermophysics and Aeromechanics

2009 year, number 3

Experimental testing of liquid boiling-up homogeneity near the boundary of the attainable superheating

E.V. Lipnyagov1, S.A. Perminov2, G.V. Ermakov3, B.M. Smolyak4
1 Institute of Thermophysics, UrB RAS
2 Institute of Thermophysics, UrB RAS
3 Institute of Thermophysics, UrB RAS
4 Institute of Thermophysics, UrB RAS
Keywords: superheated liquid, boundary of the attainable superheating, stationarity and homogeneous nucleation, average life time of superheated liquid, work of critical nucleus formation, frequency
Pages: 471-484


Results of measured average expectancy time of n-pentane and n-hexane boiling-up to the boundary of attainable superheating are presented. Experiments have been carried out in glass capillaries with substantially decreasing value of the superheated liquid volume for the preset metastable state (p, T = const). Obtained data fail to prove correlation following from the condition of homogeneity and stationarity of the random process resulting in the superheated liquid boiling-up (J is the frequency of homogenous nucleation, V is the volume of the superheated liquid, is the average life time). Thus, experiments on superheated liquid boiling-up kinetics bound with measurements of average life time in glass capillaries cannot serve a proof of the validity of classical theory of nucleation for superheated liquids since one of the ground conditions ⎯ boiling-up homogeneity ⎯ is not met.