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Thermophysics and Aeromechanics

2009 year, number 3

Rarefied molecular gas flow near the rotating cylindrical surface

A.P. Andreev1, V.N. Popov2
1 Pomorsky State University
2 Pomorsky State University
Keywords: Boltzmann kinetic equation, model kinetic equations, exact analytic solutions, rarefied molecular gas, cylindrical surface
Pages: 405-410


An exact analytic solution of the problem of the right circular cylinder in a rarefied molecular gas is constructed in the isothermal approximation. An expression for the velocity of a rarefied molecular gas entrained by the cylinder rotated therein is obtained in the regime of a flow with slip accounting for the second-order correction in terms of the Knudsen number. A generalization of the BGK model of the Boltzmann kinetic equation accounting for the rotational degrees of freedom of gas molecules is used as the governing equation, and the diffuse reflection model is used as a microscopic boundary condition on the cylinder surface. The given approach is shown to enable the consideration of the gas flow dependence on the Prandtl number and the gas temperature.