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Thermophysics and Aeromechanics

2009 year, number 2

Detonation waves in bubble-drop media

A.I. Sychev
Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics SB RAS,
Keywords: detonation wave, multicomponent media, bubble media, drop media, bubble-drop media, liquid, gas bubbles, liquid drops
Pages: 259-265


Wave processes in chemically active multicomponent media: liquid ⎯ gas bubbles ⎯ liquid drops have been studied experimentally. Existence of detonation waves in multicomponent (bubble-drop) media has been proved. Structure of detonation waves in bubble-drop and bubble media is qualitatively identical: detonation waves are solitary waves with pulsation profile the pressure behind which is close in value to the one in unperturbed medium. Propagation velocity of detonation waves in bubble and bubble-drop media drops with the increase in medium gas phase concentration and with the decrease in carrier liquid viscosity. Presence of liquid drops decreases detonation wave velocity compared with bubble medium that does not contain liquid drops. Detonation wave propagation in multicomponent media causes gas bubbles fragmentation as well as fragmentation of individual liquid drops.