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Thermophysics and Aeromechanics

2009 year, number 2

Modelling of change of the classifier separation characteristics by water injection into the apparatus

J.G. Dueck1, E.V. Pikushchak2, L.L. Minkov3
1 Erlangenв€’Nurnberg University
2 Tomsk State University,
3 Tomsk State University
Keywords: classifier, injection, sedimentation, polydisperse suspension, particle interaction, numerical modeling
Pages: 247-258


The investigation of the influence of additional water injection in a classifier on the particle separation process characteristics has been performed on the basis of numerical modelling. It has been shown that the increase in water injection velocity leads to the increase of both the cut size and the minimal value of separation curve. The change of the injector opening size influences only the minimum value of the separation function not altering the cut size at the specified water injection velocity.