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Thermophysics and Aeromechanics

2007 year, number 3

Low-frequency resonance dispersion of sound in the bubble media

V.S. Fedotovsky and T.N. Vereshchagina
State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation
Pages: 425–428


Results of experimental studies of low-frequency acoustics of gas-liquid bubble media aimed at the check-up of the theory of resonance dispersion of sound of a new type are presented. According to the theory, together with well-known high-frequency dispersion of sound in the gas-liquid media, connected with resonance of volumetric bubble oscillations and, respectively, with resonance compressibility, there should be low-frequency resonance dispersion of sound caused by resonance of related spheroidal-progressive bubble oscillations and, correspondingly, by resonance of the efficient dynamic density of a medium. It is shown that experimental data on the velocity and attenuation coefficient of sound in the bubble media prove the existence of resonance dispersion caused by related progressive-deformation oscillations of bubbles.