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Thermophysics and Aeromechanics

2006 year, number 3

Numerical investigation of air free convection in a room with heat source

I.V. Kostolomov and A.G. Kutushev
Tyumen State University of Civil Engineering, Tyumen, Russia
Pages: 393-401


Mathematical modelling of three-dimensional steady free convective incompressible viscous gas flows in the rooms with a heat source is carried out within the framework of the Navier Stokes equations with the effective viscosity determined on the basis of the κ-ε turbulence model. The investigation is carried out for the case of model rooms and heat sources having the form of rectangular parallelepipeds with square bases. The influence of the heat source power and the sizes of the room base on local and averaged values of the air velocity and temperature in the rooms is analysed. The flow pattern in the room is shown to have a torus-like shape. It is found that the variation of sizes of the room base rather than the capacity variation of the heat source is of determining importance for the gas motion character in a closed volume.