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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2012 year, number 5

Uranium Migration in the Ground Water of the Region of Sludge Dumps of the Angarsk Electrolysis Chemical Combine

Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Pr. Akademika Koptyuga 3, Novosibirsk 630090 (Russia),
Keywords: store of radioactive wastes, uranium migration, pollution of ground water, forms of uranium migration
Pages: 465–478


Ground water in the region of slurry dumps of low-activity wastes from the Angarsk Electrolysis Chemical Combine manufacturing enriched uranium was studied. It was established that the Eh values vary from weakly reductive to oxidative, pH varies from neutral to alkaline values. The presence of a hydrodynamic mound in the region of the slurry field provides vigorous diffluence of the technogenic infiltration runoff, which results in possible local increase in the concentrations of , and in the zone of the hydrodynamic mound above the maximum permissible level. Alkaline sodium nitrate solutions are characterized by higher salt content (up to 9 g/L) but uranium content of all the ground water samples (background, in the region of the stores of solid and liquid radioactive wastes) is below the MPC level. The composition of phases that are able to precipitate from the disposed slurry water after neutralization with Са(ОН)2 and settling was confirmed with the help of thermodynamic calculations. Possible increase in the concentration of uranium in the interaction of calcium urinates with CO2 (solution) was demonstrated. Limiting concentrations of uranium in solutions were calculated; the limiting values are determined by the s9lubility of uranium-containing minerals formed depending on pH, partial pressure of СО2 and the presence of cations (Ca, Si, Al).