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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2011 year, number 4

Role of Singlet Oxygen in the Oxidation of Toluene
on Vanadium–Molybdenum Catalytic Systems

1 Gubkin Russian State University of Petroleum and Gas,
Leninskiy Prospect 65, Moscow 119991 (Russia)
2 Institute for Petroleum and Gas Problems, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Ul. Oktyabrskaya 1, Yakutsk 677891 (Russia),
Keywords: singlet oxygen, toluene, heterogeneous catalysts, metal oxides
Pages: 321–325


It was established that the catalysts based on vanadium and molybdenum oxides exhibit activity in the generation of the singlet form of molecular oxygen. The major reaction on mixed oxides having the composition xV2O5 · yMoO3 is not the one-electron oxidation but the addition to the double bond, preferably in the meta position. It was demonstrated that the oxidation of toluene on individual vanadium and molybdenum oxides follows independent routes: on V2O5, oxidation is realized mainly at the benzene ring, while on MoO3 it occurs at the side chain.