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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2010 year, number 5

Modifying Molybdenum Surface with Niobium for Improving the Operational Reliability in the Course of Obtaining Nuclear Fuel

F. V. Makarov1, V. V. Guzeev1, T. I. Guzeeva2
1 Seversk Technological Institute, Branch State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "National Research Nuclear University MEPhl"
2 Tomsk Polytechnical University
Keywords: molybdenum, uranium dioxide, operational reliability, carbides, nitrides, oxides, niobium, nuclear industry
Pages: 569-574


Results are presented concerning the cause of destructing the molybdenum containers those are used in sintering the pellets of fuel uranium dioxide. An effect of niobium ion implantation on changing the microstructure and mechanical properties of molybdenum was studied. It was demonstrated that niobium prevents the formation of carbide, nitride and oxide phases near molybdenum grain boundaries, thereby causing an increase in the operational reliability.