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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2009 year, number 4

Mechanochromism of Indometacin in Mixtures with Polymers

M. A. Mikhailenko, T. P. Shakhtshneider, A. A. Politov, E. V. Surov, I. V. Drebuschak, V. V. Boldyrev
Keywords: indometacin, dynamics of molecules, mechanical activation, polymer carriers
Pages: 407-415


Effect of mechanochemical activation on the properties of indometacin is investigated. The dynamics of indometacin molecules is demonstrated by means of EPR; possible nature of this process is assumed. Investigation of indometacin mechanochromism in mixtures with different polymers showed that the appearance of colouring is independent of the occurrence of indometacin interaction with auxiliary susbtances but colouring is unstable in the absence of the interaction.