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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2009 year, number 4

Mechanism of High-Temperature Steam Conversion of СО on Ce-Zr-(La)-O and Pt/Ce-Zr-(La)-O

Y. A. Ivanova, E. M. Sadovskaya, L. G. Pinaeva, V. A. Sadykov, C. Mirodatos
Keywords: steam conversion of CO, cerium - zirconium, modeling of the kinetics of transient processes
Pages: 371-377


Dynamics of transition modes in the reaction of steam conversion of СО on Ce0.5 - хZr0.5 -хLa2хO2 (х = 0, 0.1) and platinum catalysts on this basis at 650 оC is investigated. Numerical modeling of the response curves showed that all the transformations on the support run within the oxidation-reduction mechanism. At the catalyst under the steady conditions, the major contribution into the activity is made by the transformations according to the association mechanism. The dynamics of transient modes is determined by the oxidation-reduction mechanism.