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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2009 year, number 4

Experimental Investigation of the Sorption of Heavy Metals with Natural Clay for the Purpose of Purifying Drainage Water

O. L. Gaskova, V. G. Kabannik
Keywords: copper sorption, natural clay, acid mine drainage, dump of pyrometallurgic clinker
Pages: 359-369


Sorption properties of bentonitic clay from the Kamalino deposit (Krasnoyarsk Region) are investigated for the purpose of its possible use for the purification of waste water from sulphide-containing tailing dumps from heavy metal ions. For copper (II) as an example, the effect of pH, sorbate to sorbent ratio and an increase in the concentration of the sorbate on metal redistribution from the model solution into the solid phase is investigated. On the basis of the examination of water extracts from the clinker substance of the Belovo zinc plant (Kemerovo Region) and its drainage waste water, it is established that this object serves as a source of the acid mine drainage water of the most unfavourable type (negligible iron content and high content of heavy metals and sulphate sulphur). It is shown that efficient results on the purification of waste water from tailing dumps of the Belovo zinc plant may be obtained using purification in two stages: at first, with calcite, then by means of the interaction with clay sorbent.