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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2009 year, number 3

Extraction and Characterization of Chitin-Glucan Complexes from the Mycothallus of the Fungi of Russula Genus

A. V. Pestov, S. V. Drachuk, O. V. Koryakova, Y. G. Yatluk
Keywords: fungi of Russula genus, chitin-glucan complexes, sorption of copper (II) and lead (II)
Pages: 289-295


Composition and sorption properties with respect to heavy metal ions are investigated for chitin-glucan complexes (CGC) isolated from the mycothallus of the fungi of Russula genus collected in teh zones with different levels of anthropogenic pollution. The amount of isolated insoluble CGC does not exceed 1.1 %, chitin content (Ch) is not more than 0.65 %. Passing from a non-polluted zone to polluted ones, an increase in the content of CGC and Ch in all the three kinds of the biomass of mycothallus is observed. The sorption capacity of CGC with respect to the ions of lead (II) and copper (II) is not high: it reaches 107 and 123 μmol/g, respectively, but the high selectivity (100 %) of copper (II) ion sorption is exhibited. For the investigated CGC, a trend to increased sorption capacity of CGC with an increase in the biotope pollution with heavy metals is observed. These investigations may be applied in using widespread fungi with the limited food and taste value of the Russula genus - russules - for obtaining sorption materials.