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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2009 year, number 3

Modeling of the Interaction of Artificial Geochemical Barriers with the Solution of Nickel Sulphate

D. V. Makarov, S. I. Mazukhina, A. A. Nesterova, D. P. Nesterov, Y. P. Menshikov, I. V. Zorenko, V. A. Masloboev
Keywords: actificial geochemical barriers, active silica, carbonatite, serpophyte, nickel sulphate solution, deposition
Pages: 283-288


Interaction of artificial geochemical barriers with nickel sulpahte solution was investigated using chemical analysis, X-ray phase analysis, scanning electron microscopy and thermodynamic modeling. It was shown that the combinations of active silica with carbonatite, as well as serpophite with carbonatite, are promising materials for making artificial geochemical barriers.