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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2009 year, number 3

Processing of Rare Earth Element Concentrate Obtained from Phosphogypsum

V. A. Kolokolnikov, M. I. Kovalev
Keywords: rare earth element concentrate, phosphogypsum, phosphochalk, XPA
Pages: 269-274


It is established that after leaching calcium by ammonium chloride into solution from the product of thermal decomposition of phosphochalk (technical-grade calcium carbonate) obtained by conversion of phosphogypsum with soda solutions, the insoluble residue is a concentrate of strontium and rare-earth elements (REE); the concentrations of strontium and REE reach 9-10 and 4.5-5.1 %, respectively. The extraction of REE into solution with the help of different acids is considered. It is shown that the degree of leaching the REE into solution reaches 96-97 % in the presence of reducing agents. The leaching solutions contain 4.2-4.6 g/dm3 REE and can be processed to obtain REE compounds. The insoluble residue after REE leaching is a strontium concentrate with strontium sulphate content of 54.5-62.9 %.