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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2009 year, number 3

Development of the Technology of Regeneration of Active Coal after Adsorption of Pyridine from Waste Water

O. V. Belyaeva, N. S. Golubeva, T. A. Krasnova, A. E. Yakusheva
Keywords: regeneration, active coal, pyridine
Pages: 251-255


Results of chemical and low-temperature thermal regeneration with air and nitrogen of industrial active coal of grades AG-OV-1 and SKD-515 worked out in pyridine adsorption from model solutions and real waste waters are presented. It is shown that the use of chemical regeneration is unreasonable. The data of thermogravimetric analysis were used to choose an optimal temperature for the regeneration of active coal in the flow of nitrogen and in the air. A comparative analysis of the efficiency of low-temperature thermal regeneration in inert and oxidative environment was carried out. The results allows us to recommend low-temperature thermal regeneration with inert gas (nitrogen) for practical purposes.