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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2009 year, number 3

Synthesis of High-Purity Bismuth Citrate with the Help of Reaction Solid - Solution

L. I. Afonina, E. S. Naidenko, Y. M. Yukhin, L. E. Danilova
Keywords: bismuth citrate, high-purity compounds, chemical synthesis, X-ray phase analysis, IR spectroscopy
Pages: 243-249


Interaction of oxohydroxobismuth (III) nitrate trihydrate of the composition [Bi6O5(OH)3](NO3)5 ⋅ 3H2O with aqueous solutions of citric acid was studied by means of X-ray phase analysis, thermogravimetry, IR spectroscopy and chemical analysis. The effect of the concentration of citrate ions, pH of the medium and process temperature on the rate of exchange of nitrate ions for citrate ions was investigated. The conditions of the formation of bismuth citrate of he composition BiC6H5O7 were determined. The reasonableness of the synthesis of high-purity bismuth citrate by the interaction of oxohydroxobismuth (III) nitrate trihydrate with the solution of citric acid was demonstrated.