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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2009 year, number 3

Borazine and its Derivatives: Synthesis, Mechanochemical Reactions of Obtaining and Outlooks for Technological Applications

V. V. Volkov, K. G. Myakishev, E. A. Ilyunchik
Keywords: borazine, borazine derivatives, mechanochemical synthesis, physicochemical properties, application
Pages: 233-242


Review of publications on chemistry, properties and outlooks for the application of the boron and nitrogen containing heterocyclic compound borazine (borazol), or cyclo3В3N3H3, and some its derivatives, as well as the starting compounds for its synthesis is presented, embracing the period since 1926 (the date of borazine discovery) till present. It is shown that the information reported in classical works is essentially urgent even at present. Borazines were used to develop promising methods of obtaining insulating layers and films based on boron nitride h-BN and carbonitrides by means of the thermal or plasmachemical vapour decomposition, as well as coatings composed of condensed heterocycles of borazine derivatives. The data obtained by the authors of the review concerning solid-phase Mechanochemical methods of synthesis of borazine and its derivatives - N-trimethylborazine and N-triethylborazine are reported. The advantages and the possibility of technical implementation of these methods in comparison with other known methods are specified.