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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2008 year, number 5

Investigation of the Problems of Sustainbable Development and School Ecological Monitoring of Water Bodies

S. Young, D. I. Mustafin
Keywords: education, sustainable development, ecology, monitoring
Pages: 607-614


In order to realize the strategy of the world community in the area of education for sustainable development, the D. I. Mendeleev Russian Chemical and Technological University and non-profit organization Love Russia  (Great Britain) for school pupils. In 2004-2007, practical ecological monitoring involved the pupils of more than 50 schools, boarding schools and social rehabilitation centres for juveniles; they carried out monitoring of water in the Kasimovo, Shilovo, Spassk Districts of the Ryazan Region and examined more than 150 objects along the passage 200 km wide along the Oka river. The results obtained in the investigation were considered as a part of ecological audit and discussed from the viewpoint of a practical example of the social responsibility of human beings for the processes that take part in the biosphere. A positive experience of the studies aimed at research of the problems of sustainable development and at carrying out ecological monitoring of wild nature allow us to propose these courses as a compulsory regional component of the school teaching process.