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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2008 year, number 5

Flavonoid Content of the Plant Speices of L. Genus

Y. V. Shinkarenko
Keywords: Myosotis L., M. asiatica, flavonoids, variability
Pages: 601-606


Flavonoid content in the samples of plants of 15 species of Myosotis genus is examined. It is established that it is mainly 1.0-4.0 % in the plants of the investigated species; it is characterized by high variability for the samples collected in different regions. The variability of flavonoid content within the limits of one coenopopulation is low or medium. The species of Alpestres the section Myosotis of genus, especially M. asiatica , contain a large amount of flavonoids (up to 7.4 %) and are of interest for further investigation. The plants collected during the flowering period may be used as the sources of flavonoids.