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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2008 year, number 5

Effect of the Surface Density of Biological Standards for the Analysis of Tissues by Means of XPA-SR

V. V. Zvereva, V. A. Trunova
Keywords: synchrotron radiation, biological tissues, X-ray fluorescence analysis
Pages: 593-599


For the analysis of the samples of biological tissues (human myocardium and blood vessels) obtained by biopsy, the necessity arises to study the effect of the radiator density variations on the determination of chemical elements, since sample thickness varies depending on the type of tissue under investigation and sample mass (during sample preparation). Because of this, with the Bovine liver NIST 1577 standard sample, we studied the effect of the surface density of radiating device on the coefficients of relative sensitivity. The experiments were carried out at the station of elemental X-ray fluorescence analysis on the basis of the Siberian Centre for Synchrotron Radiation (Institute of Nuclear Physics, SB RAS, Novosibirsk). It was established that a change of the density of reference tablet density (at the excitation energy of 17 keV) during normalization of peak areas of the elements under determination to the area of Compton's peak has almost no effect on the results of analysis for the elements from Mn to Zn. For K, Ca, Fe and Rb, substantial differences of the coefficients of relative sensitivity (Rist) are observed while the radiator density varies from 14.9 to 45.8 mg/cm2.