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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2008 year, number 5

Purification of Wastewater from Inorganic Fluorine-Containing Compounds

M. L. Belikov, E. P. Lokshin
Keywords: fluorine-containing wastewater, purification, cerium compounds, titanium compounds
Pages: 581-588


Using model solutions, we determined the conditions for the purification of wastewater containing fluorine in the concentration of 10 mg/in the form of complex anions AlF and/or FeF. Purification is performed with the help of cerium compounds. For real waste water of the plants situated in the Kola region (Apatit JSC, Lovozero GOK JSC), optimal modes of purification from fluorine impurity, using titanium compounds, down to the standard values of fluorine and sulphate ion concentrates established for drinking water were developed.