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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2008 year, number 5

Galactomannanes of the Seeds of Legumes (Leguminosae Juss.) Growing in Siberia

I. E. Lobanova, O. V. Anulov, V. D. Shcherbukhin
Keywords: reserve polysaccharides of seeds, galactomannanes, plant hydrocolloids, legume species
Pages: 547-551


Results of the examination of the seeds of legumes growing under the conditions of moderate latitudes for the presence of reserve water-soluble polysaccharides galactomannanes are presented. A quantitative estimation of galactomannane content in the seeds of 45 species of 13 genera 7 tribes of the legume family is presented. For 23 species, a chemical characteristic was determined which shows the ratio of mannose to galactose monomers in galactomannane molecule. The results obtained in the investigation can be used for the search of home sources of plant hydrocolloids which would be of interest for various areas of science and technology.