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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2008 year, number 5

Investigation of the Ability of a Model System Frozen Ground of Yakutia - Plants to Recover in Case of Pollution with Oil

S. K. Lifshits, B. M. Kershengolts, O. N. Chalaya, I. N. Zueva, M. M. Shashurin, Y. S. Glyaznetsova
Keywords: ecology, biotransformation of pollution with oil, elements of soil and plant cover, natural geochemical background, permissible level of pollution with oil
Pages: 537-545


Under laboratory conditions, we determined the geochemical characteristics of the frozen soil of Yakutia, the activity of soil enzymes, physiological and biochemical characteristics of hornwort dandelion and relative stability of the genome of plant cells to the action of oil toxicants after the introduction of oil (0.07-1.95 vol. %) into soil samples. It is shown that the permissible level of pollution with oil for which soil is able to get recovered is ~1 g/kg of soil.