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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2008 year, number 5

Content of the Particles of Different Size and Density in the Concentrates of the Cenospheres of Volatile Ash from the Combustion of Coal of the Kuznetsk Basin

S. N. Vereshchagin, L. I. Kurteeva, A. G. Anshits
Keywords: volatile ash, cenospheres, aerodynamic separation
Pages: 529-536


Aerodynamic method followed by sieve analysis of the resulting fractions was applied to separate the concentrates of cenospheres of volatile ash from the combustion of coal of the Kuznetsk Basin at the Moscow Heat and Electric Power Plant (HEPP) No. 22, Belovo Hydroelectric Regional Power Plant, and some fractions of the concentrate of cenospheres obtained at the Novosibirsk Heat and Electric Power Plant No. 5. From the concentrate of the Moscow HEPP, 90 fractions with different particle sizes (70-250 m) and apparent (0.16-0.52 g/cm3) were separated. Independently of particle size, the apparent density of the fractions with the maximal yield is 0.33-0.35 g/cm3, while the ratio of the apparent wall thickness to the particle diameter is 0.042-0.043. The process of the aerodynamic separation of cenospheres of the concentrates from different sources is satisfactorily described by the theoretical dependencies for the escape of spherical particles; the deviations are first of all due to the non-spherical shape of cenospheres.