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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2008 year, number 5

Obtaining Microspheric Zeolites from Vitrocrystalline Cenospheres of Power Engineering Ashes

S. N. Vereshchagin, T. А. Vereshchagina, N. N. Shishkina, A. N. Salanov, A. G. Anshits
Keywords: cenospheres, microspheric zeolites, NaP1, NaX, NaA
Pages: 519-527


Synthesis of microspheric zeolite sorbents based on the vitrocrystalline cenospheres of power engineering ashes was carried out for the first time, without any crystallization nuclei or structure-forming components. As a result of hydrothermal processing, the aluminosilicate material of cenosphere wall is transformed into low-module zeolites with the conservation of the morphology of initial particles. The final products are hollow spheres with a size of 80-200 m; their walls are composed fully or partially of the crystals of NaA, NaX and NaP1 zeolites.