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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2008 year, number 5

Thermal Processing of Hydrolytic Lignin in Black Oil

E. I. Andreikov, I. S. Amosova, Y. A. Dikovinkina, A. A. Lyapkin
Keywords: lignin, black oil, co-pyrolysis, distillate products, thermal cracking residue
Pages: 507-517


Thermal co-processing of hydrolytic lignin and heavy black oil within temperature range 350-415 °С at atmospheric pressure is investigated. The major products are represented by the liquid distillate products released from the reactor, and by the cracking residue in the reactor. Addition of lignin causes a substantial acceleration of the reactions of liquid-phase thermal cracking of black oil and increases the yield of distillate products. The ways of practical application of these products are proposed on the basis of the obtained data on the composition of the products of thermal co-processing of lignin and black oil.