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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2008 year, number 5

Synthesis of the Aromatic Diamines of Pyrimidine Series and Their Use for the Development of Promising Polymeric Materials

V. P. Borovik, O. P. Shkurko
Keywords: aminophenylpyrimidines, pyrimidine-containing polyimides, films, fibres, thermal stability, strength characteristics
Pages: 493-506


Alternative methods of the synthesis of pyrimidine-containing diamines are considered. These compounds are initial monomers for obtaining thermally stable high-module polymers (polyimides) which are used to develop promising materials for new technics. In accordance with the structure of diamines, the methods of their synthesis are systematized, their reactivity is evaluated. The problems concerning technological reasonableness, availability of the initial raw material and the possibility of scaling at separate stages of synthesis are assessed. The data on the thermal stability and deformation strength characteristics of pyrimidine-containing polyimides which are promising for the development of materials functioning within a broad range of extremal thermal conditions in a number of the areas of modern technologies are reported.