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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2008 year, number 2

Effect of рН, Humate and Herbicide on Cu, Pb and Cd Distribution between Aqueous Phase and Suspended Particles in Polluted Freshwater Reservoirs

B. S. Smolyakov, A. P. Ryzhikh, N. Y. Kobzistaya, Z. O. Badmaeva
Keywords: freshwater reservoirs, pollution, heavy metals, sorption, natural modeling
Pages: 215-219


By means of mesomodeling method it has been established that the variations of рН, dissolved organic substances added and herbicide in polluted natural waters can significantly influence Cu, Pb and Cd distribution between aqueous phase and suspended substances. The changing of these parameters is reflected by the rate of withdrawing the mentioned heavy metals to bottom sediment. So, given lowered pH and concentration of dissolved organic substances as well as the presence of herbicide components in water the rates of Cu, Pb and Cd withdrawal to bottom sediment decreases. An assumption has been made that such a distribution depends on the state of heavy metals in the aqueous phase