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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2008 year, number 2

Composition of Products of Gas-Phase Ozonization of Low-Rank Coals of Various Genesis and Petrographic Composition

S. A. Semenova, M. V. Batina, Y. F. Patrakov
Keywords: gas-phase ozonization, low-rank coals, petrographic composition, composition of ozonization products
Pages: 207-213


The effect of gas-phase ozonization on variation of chemical composition of solid combustible minerals of various genetic types and petrographic composition of brown coal maturity and products of their basic hydrolysis has been investigated. It was found that directions of oxonolytic transformations of organic matter as well as the yield and componental composition of products of alkaline extraction of coals are governed by features of their molecular organization. Reactivity of combustible minerals in relation to ozone increases with an increase in the H/C atomic ratio.