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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2008 year, number 2

Mechanochemical Synthesis of N-trimethylborazine through the Interaction of Methylamine Hydrochloride with Alkaline Metal Tetrahydroborates

K. G. Myakishev, E. A. Il'inchik, V. V. Volkov
Keywords: mechanochemical synthesis, alkaline metal tetrahydroborates, methylamine hydrochloride trimethylborazine
Pages: 197-200


Reactions of CH3NH2HCl with MBH4 (M = Li, Na, K) proceeding during mechanical activation of the mixtures of crystal substances in a vacuum ball vibratory mill are investigated. It is established that the stage-by-stage pyrolysis of reaction products at 100 oC, then at 200 oC results in the formation of N-trimethylborazine (CH3NBH)3. Maximal yields of N-trimethylborazine with LiBH4, NaBH4 and KBH4 are 60, 34 and 36 %, respectively. Melting points, saturated vapour pressure, density, refractive index of N-trimethylborazine are determined; the IR spectrum is reported.