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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2008 year, number 2

Synthesis of High-Purity Bismuth (III) Oxogallate through the Interaction of Oxohydroxobismuth (III) Nitrate Trihydrate with the Solution of Gallic Acid

O. A. Logutenko, V. I. Evseenko, Y. M. Yukhin, V. A. Logvinenko
Keywords: bismuth (III) oxogallate, synthesis, IR spectra, thermal analysis
Pages: 181-187


The interaction of oxohydroxobismuth (III) nitrate trihydrate with the solutions of gallic acid was studied by means of X-ray phase analysis, thermogravimetry, IR spectroscopy and chemical analysis. The effect of temperature of pH of the medium on the rate of the exchange of nitrate ions for gallate ions was studied. The conditions of the formation of bismuth oxogallate trihydrate having the composition C6H2(OH)3COOBiO · 3H2O were investigated. The reasonability of the synthesis of high-purity bismuth oxogallate through the interaction of oxohydroxobismuth (III) nitrate trihydrate with the solution of gallic acid was demonstrated.