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Acoustoelectric methods for studying liquids in the boundary phase

Simakov I.G. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2019., 222 p., ISBN 978-5-7692-1662-6


The monograph considers acoustoelectric methods for studying polar liquids in the boundary phase. The theoretical foundations of methods for measuring the dielectric, acoustic and thermophysical properties of liquids in thin layers and interlayers are systematically presented. The measurement methods considered in the monograph are applicable to any liquid films; in most cases, real examples and specifics of the methods relate to nanosized liquid layers of adsorbed water.
The book is intended for researchers and specialists involved in research and technical development in the field of ultrasound, acoustoelectronics, physical acoustics, physical chemistry of surface phenomena and processes.
Nizhnekolymskiy Even Language Speech

Sharina S. I., Kuzmina R. P. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2018., 184 p., ISBN 9785769216039

DOI: 10.15372/Dialect2018SSI

For the first time, the monograph provides a systematic description of the Lower Kolyma dialect of the Even language. The phonetic, morphological, lexical and syntactic features of the dialect are revealed, which make it possible to determine its place in the system of dialects of the Even language. In applications, new language material is introduced into scientific circulation. For specialists in Even and other Tungus-Manchu languages.
Ellipsometry method for the study of nanoscale films of dielectrics, semiconductors and metals

Svitasheva S.N. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2019., 268 p., ISBN 978-5-7692-1643-5


The intensive development of optical ellipsometry is due to the fact that a change in the state of polarization of a light beam is very sensitive to the state of this surface. In the eyes of one generation of researchers, optical ellipsometry has evolved from laboratory exotics into one of the main control methods and has made a significant contribution to the development of digital technologies. The studies begun by Malyus (1808), Brewster (1815), Drude (1889), Rayleigh (1899) and Born (1926) played a significant role in the development of the classical theory of light. V.A. Kiesel, in his book Reflection of Light, writes: It is often said that the law of reflection of light is the oldest and simplest of all the laws of optics. If the first statement is not in doubt, then the simplicity of the law is only apparent; a more serious analysis of it reveals a number of complex issues that are still not fully resolved to this day. With the external simplicity of optical ellipsimetry methods, their competent and effective use requires very deep knowledge both in the field of optics and in the field of mathematics.
The book brought to the attention of the reader will be useful precisely to the loy of a young generation of researchers and developers who have yet to contribute to the development of optical ellipsometry.
Microchannel amplifier computer design methodology

Ivanov V.Ya. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2019., 155 p., ISBN 978-5-7692-1644-2


The monograph is devoted to computer design of microchannel amplifiers. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the main aspects of design, not only summarizing the experience of many modern researchers, but also providing the results of their own original works obtained with participation in several large international projects. The book describes theoretical aspects and numerical models that consider the processes of photoemission, secondary electron emission, the effects of saturation and edge electric fields, issues of thermal stability and noise generation in microchannel plates. Almost all of the above calculations were carried out directly by the author, who developed a number of numerical algorithms and programs that allowed these calculations. Numerous comparisons of calculated and experimental data are presented, indicating the high efficiency of the developed models and programs. It is of interest to students, graduate students, researchers and engineers working in the field of creating high-tech physical electronics devices.
Oxygen exchange in non-stoichiometric mixed-conductivity oxides: new experimental techniques and methodology for obtaining / analyzing equilibrium and kinetic data

Popov M.P., Starkov I.A., Chizhik S.A., Bychkov S.F., Nemudryy A.P. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2019., 135 p., ISBN 978-5-7692-1647-3

DOI: 10.15372/OXYGEN2019PMP

This book discusses and proposes methods for studying non-stoichiometric oxides, in particular perovskite-like, with a wide region of homogeneity. The monograph provides a theoretical description of the processes of oxygen exchange between non-stoichiometric oxides and the gas phase. The criteria of quasi-equilibrium and nonequilibrium oxygen evolution are formulated. An experimental technique for obtaining continuous phase diagrams "T - pO2 - δ" is described. An isostoichiometric approach to the study of the kinetics of oxygen evolution is proposed, as well as a continuous homological series approach for analyzing the correlations of the kinetic and thermodynamic characteristics of non-stoichiometric oxides. It is shown that the proposed methods and approaches allow us to form reliable ideas about the processes of oxygen exchange in non-stoichiometric oxides with wide areas of homogeneity.
The book is intended for researchers working in the field of chemistry, physics and materials science, students of physical and chemical specialties.
Phase diagrams of systems simulating the processing of polymetallic raw materials of lead production

Kopylov N.I. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2019., 306 p., ISBN 978-5-7692-1648-0

DOI: 10.15372/CHARTS2019KNI

The results of studies of the state diagrams of binary and multicomponent systems that underlie the pyrometallurgical processes for the production and refining of lead, as well as the processing of the resulting recycled products and industrial dumps, are generalized and systematized. The phase diagrams of the systems presented cover metal, sulfide, oxide, oxysulfide, arsenide, arsenate-arsenite, and water-salt systems. Examples of the practical use of phase diagrams of systems for optimizing the technological parameters of metallurgical processes are given. The legality of the use of phase state diagrams in the study of complex metallurgical systems is discussed, which describes real technological processes in conditions of open systems, mobility and changes in their component composition. For researchers and specialists in the field of physical chemistry of metallurgical processes, metal science and technology of heavy non-ferrous metals, ore mineralogy; can be used as a textbook for universities of relevant disciplines.
Directed synthesis of copper-containing synthesis gas processing catalysts

Minyukova T.P., Khasin A.A., Khasin A.V., Yuryeva T.M. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2019., 139 p., ISBN 978-5-7692-1649-7

DOI: 10.15372/DIRECTED2019MTP

The monograph presents and summarizes the results of experimental systematic studies of the laws governing the formation of oxide catalysts Cu-Zn, Cu-Zn-Al, Cu-Zn-Cr, Cu-Zn-Si and Cu-Cr / Fe, Cu- during the heat treatment and reductive activation Si with a wide variation in the ratio of their components while simultaneously identifying under identical conditions the catalytic properties activity and selectivity in relation to methanol synthesis and dehydrogenation reactions and steam reforming of CO reactions, converting natural gas into valuable chemical compounds product itself. The dependence of the catalytic properties on the composition and structure of the catalysts at each stage of preparation is analyzed. Ways of directed synthesis of highly efficient Cu-containing catalysts for each of the reactions considered are proposed. The book is intended for specialists in the field of heterogeneous catalysis, inorganic chemistry, catalyst production technology and for graduate students and students of relevant specialties.
Linear and quadratic-linear two-level optimization problems

Strekalovsky A.S., Orlov A.V. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2019., 262 p., ISBN 978-5-7692-1645-9

DOI: 10.15372/LINEAR2019SAS

   The monograph is devoted to the development of the theoretical foundation and methods for solving continuous two-level optimization problems, as well as the numerical testing of the proposed methodology. At the beginning of the book provides general information about two-level problems, basic definitions and an overview of known results. Next, we study problems with linear objective functions at both levels, as well as problems with quadratic objective functions at the upper level and linear functions at the lower with linear constraints. New methods have been developed to search for optimistic and guaranteed solutions in such problems, based on the reduction to non-convex single-level problems and the solution of the latter using the original global search theory in problems with functions that are representable as the difference of two convex functions (d.c. functions). The basics of this theory are briefly described in appendices.
   For specialists in the field of optimization. On the basis of individual chapters of the monograph, special lecture courses for university students of mathematical specialties can be read.
Technology for creating production expert systems based on model transformations

Dorodnykh N.O., Yurin A.Yu. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2019., 144 p., ISBN 978-5-7692-1646-6


     The monograph presents the authors' experience in developing information technology and specialized software to support the creation of production expert systems and their components by non-programming users by transforming information models and synthesizing software codes, specifications and systems based on them.
     A unified approach is proposed based on the use of conceptual (informational) models as input data, original languages: description of model transformations - Transformation Model Representation Language, and product modeling - Rule Visual Modeling Language. Models, model transformation algorithms, software systems that implement this approach, and examples of their application for solving practical problems are presented.
    The monograph is intended for specialists in information technology, and will also be useful to graduate students, undergraduates and senior students in the specialties "Information Systems and Technologies" and "Automated Information Processing and Management Systems".
"During life, recognized as a classic". Vsevolod Ivanov in the historical and literary context of the 20s 30s of the XX centuryolo7977d7r776

Yakimova L.P. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2019., 256 p., ISBN 978-5-7692-1651-0

DOI: 10.15372/DURINGHIS2019YLP

   The book combines articles devoted to the study of works created by Sun. Ivanov mainly after a cycle of partisan stories and marked by the actualization of the author's credo "secret secret". Subjected to fierce criticism of the "rappovtsev", censorship of the censorship and prohibitions, many of them, such as the Kremlin, U, Vulcan, Ilyich Avenue, were released only after the death of the writer. Re-read, they compiled a section of "forbidden novels" in the book. A special section is presented by articles examining the artistic searches of Sun. Ivanov 20s - 30s of the last century in comparison with the creative experience of his contemporaries - L. Leonova, K. Fedina.
   The book is addressed to experts in the field of history and theory of Russian literature, in particular, those who are interested in the problems of hermeneutics, text formation, motivational analysis, as well as all those interested in Russian literature and culture.
Biophysics for Ecology and Medicine: On the 90th anniversary of Academician I.I. Gitelzona

Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2019., 295 p., ISBN 978-5-7692-1650-3


The collection is devoted to a wide range of studies in the field of environmental biophysics - a scientific field at the intersection of sciences - from research at the molecular level to the management of large natural ecosystems. The historical milestones of the development of the ecological direction of biophysics are considered. The main emphasis in the collection is made on the current contemporary achievements of Krasnoyarsk biophysicists who managed to maintain and develop the multidimensional areas laid down in the 50s. XX century I.I. Gitelzon. Along with survey materials and the results of basic research, a number of biotechnologies developed and ready for implementation are presented.

The book is addressed to biophysicists, ecologists and chemists, and also teachers and students of biophysical, biological and environmental departments universities.
About times of high goals (notes of a rational optimist)

Ermikov V.D. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2019., 407 p., ISBN 978-5-7692-1652-7

DOI: 10.15372/ABOUTTIME2019EVD

The book includes memoirs and journalism from the history of the scientific life of the Novosibirsk Academgorodok and the Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences RAS. Essays cover a difficult time period from the late Soviet period to the difficult years of the systemic crisis in the country and the adaptation of science to new socio-economic conditions. During these years, the Department was successively headed by the outstanding organizers of science, Academician V.A. Koptyug and Academician N.L. Dobretsov, who knew how to set high goals for scientists and achieve them consistently.

It is important that the memories are presented on behalf of not an outside observer, but an active participant, one of the organizers of most of the described events and activities. This is what makes the book interesting, especially during the generational change in scientific institutes and the SB RAS as a whole. Many essays clearly show how the life of each of us is connected with the life of the country, how many personal impressions and successes are part of the overall story, and in this sense the book is of interest to a wide range of readers.
Geomechanical fields and processes: experimental-and-analytical research into initiation and growth of source zones of disastrous events in geotechnical and natural systems

Oparin V. N. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2019., 546 p., ISBN 978-5-7692-1630-5


The monograph reflects the results of experimental and analytical studies of the patterns of distribution of stresses and strains in block rock masses; mathematical modeling of the crustal destruction processes during large-scale mining and mining and mining operations; control and analysis of the basic laws of self-organization of geomechanical processes at major subsoil use sites with strategically important reserves of mineral raw materials: apatite deposits of the Kola Peninsula, salt deposits in Belarus and the Urals, oil, ore and coal in Western and Eastern Siberia Kemerovo region), Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The influence of technogenic impact on the formation of seismic activations is noted. The issues of creating geo-information systems with a computational core of parameter estimation by various complex geodesic and geophysical observations are touched upon.
Based on the generalization of the most important achievements of nonlinear geomechanics, geophysics and geotectics, the development of the theory of pendulum waves, as well as cloud information technologies, contemporary problems and urgent problems of fundamental and applied research and development in the field of rock and natural mining and technical systems.
The idea of ​​the expediency of the development and creation of a multi-layer geoinformation monitoring system of geomechanical-geodynamic and environmental safety of the mining regions of Russia with high technogenic pressure is put forward and substantiated.
The publication is addressed to geomechanics, geophysicists and engineering and technical personnel of research and development, design and survey institutes, mining technologists, it will be useful to teachers, graduate students and undergraduates of universities and universities of mining profile.
Ventilation In Subways

Krasyuk A. M., Lugin I. V. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2018., 316 p., ISBN 9785769216299


The monograph presents the results of studies of subway ventilation systems. The influence of the main factors is considered that determine the air exchange in underground structures of the subway: the work of fans, natural convection flows, piston effect of trains and the design of stations and tunnels of the subway. The method of calculation of thermal balance of underground facilities is given. The work of ventilation in emergency situations both in traditional for the Russian Federation subway with single track tunnels, and in perspective with double-track tunnels is considered in detail. The main conclusions are confirmed by full-scale experiments in the subways of Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg. The book is intended for researchers and post-graduate students conducting research of ventilation systems of underground transport facilities, as well as engineering and technical specialists involved in the design and operation of subways.
Folklore and ritual of tuvans at the beginning of the XXI-th century: Structure. Semantics. Pragmatics

Yusha Zh. M. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2018., 391 p., ISBN 9785769216275

DOI: 10.15372/FOLKLORE2018JGM

The monograph is devoted to the study of the current state of folk and ritual traditions
of the Tuvans of China. Folklore and ethnographic material is considered in the
comparative aspect through the prism of traditional mythology and culture of
Russian, Mongolian Tuvans and the Turkic-Mongolian world. It deals with the
issues of self-name, number, ethnic identification, religious beliefs,
ethnolinguistic situation. The system of folklore genres is analyzed, folklore and rite are considered in the paper as a single cultural text. The cultural codes taking place in the ritual and
folklore traditions of the Chinese Tuvans are characterized; the genre
specificity of ritual folklore among the Tuvans of China, Russia and Mongolia
is shown. A detailed analysis of the native cycle and wedding rites, their
semantics and pragmatics in folk culture, the role of words and ritual actions
in the rites is investigated. Revealed ritual and magical functions of
traditional competitions and games in the structure of the wedding. The
spring-summer rituals and festivals of Chinese Tuvans the meeting of The New
Year in the Eastern calendar, the consecration of OBO, national competitions in
the structure of calendar ceremonies are considered. To identify the
preservation and transformation of the traditional way of life of the Tuvans of
China in a foreign ethnic environment, the comparative analysis is carried out with Chinese traditions, as well as traced typological
parallels with the ritual culture of European nations. The publication is
addressed to folklorists, linguists, ethnographers, historians, as well as all
those interested in traditional culture of Tuvans.

Soviet environmental policy in Western Siberia and its consequences (second half of the 1930s - 1980s)

Savitsky I. M. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2018., 603 p., ISBN 978-5-7692-1610-7

DOI: 10.15372/SOVIET2018SIM

The monograph analyzes the rate of construction of water protection facilities at enterprises of large industrial centers of the region located on the banks of the Ob, Tom, Irtysh and other rivers, as well as regulation of water systems in connection with the construction of hydroelectric power plants, irrigation and drainage of agricultural land. The ecological state of the water resources of the Ob-Irtysh basin and the quality of atmospheric air in large industrial centers of the region, soil, flora and fauna are revealed. The impact of atomic and rocket and space industry enterprises on the environment and population of the region is considered, in particular, the impact of production activities of enterprises, testing of nuclear weapons and rocket and space technology, as well as the disposal of nuclear waste and outdated equipment with nuclear materials.
The book is intended for a wide circle of readers, schoolchildren, students of higher and secondary educational institutions, participants of environmental organizations and anyone interested in the state of the environment and its protection.
Inverse and incorrect tasks

Kabanikhin S. I. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2018., 512 p., ISBN 9785769216077

DOI: 10.15372/INVERSE2018KSI

The tutorial outlines methods for studying and solving inverse and ill-posed problems of linear algebra, integral and operator equations, integral geometry, spectral inverse problems and inverse scattering problems; considered linear ill-posed problems and coefficient inverse problems for hyperbolic, parabolic and elliptic equations; given extensive background material.
For students of higher education institutions. It may be useful to graduate students, interns, engineers, researchers, as well as university professors.
The oral non fairy-tale tradition of the yukaghirs

Prokopieva P. E. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2018., 309 p., ISBN 9785769216053

DOI: 10.15372/YUKAGHIR2018PPE

The monograph is the first special study devoted to the genre specificity of the non fairy-tale prose of the Yukaghirs. On the basis of the analysis of thematic, content, compositional, linguistic features of non fairy-tale texts of the Yukaghirs, the author reveals the main features of their non fairy-tale narrative tradition.

A new extensive material on the folklore of the Yukaghirs are included in the study.

The appendix contains a list of works of non fairy-tale Yukaghir prose, includes narrative texts with leading characters, unpublished folklore materials of the author (32 texts).

The book is recommended for folklorists, ethnographers, culturologists and all who are interested in oral folk art of indigenous peoples of the North.

Fauna-ecological studies in Taimyr: mammals and birds

Litvinov Yu. N., Chupin I. I. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2018., 389 p., ISBN 978-5-7692-1625-1

DOI: 10.15372/FAUNA2018LYN

The monograph contains long-term new factual materials on the fauna, population ecology, and composition of mammalian and bird communities belonging to different zonal landscape-geographical regions of the Taimyr Peninsula. From the standpoint of synecology, an analysis is made of the influence of geographical factors and population dynamics on the organization of small mammal communities, and an assessment is made of their structure and stability in different zonal landscapes. A zoogeographic analysis of the population, the structure of habitats, the timing of migrations, nesting and breeding of background species of birds in the region was carried out. Original data on new information on the location of bird and mammal species in connection with the expansion of the range and changes in environmental conditions are discussed.
Particular attention is paid to the environmental aspect of the use of materials on the organization of communities and populations of mammals and birds. It is shown that the results of studying the structural and functional organization of populations and communities of mammals in different reference areas of the north of Central Siberia can be used for indicative assessment of both landscape-geographical changes in environmental conditions and anthropogenic transformation of landscapes. Studies on mammals and birds of Taimyr provide the basis for both the planning of specific studies on particular practical issues, and for the adoption of informed administrative decisions on the use of natural resources and the placement of protected natural areas on the peninsula.
The book is addressed to experts in the field of zoology, ecology, fauna, nature conservation, students interested in the problems of modern zoology and ecology.
Burial site of the Bronze Age Maitan

Tkachev A. A. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2018., 529 p., ISBN 978-5-7692-1609-1

DOI: 10.15372/BURIAL2018TAA

The monograph summarizes and systematizes the new materials of the fully studied burial ground of the Bronze Age, studied in the territory of Central Kazakhstan. Based on the analysis of the burial complexes of the monument, the features and sequence of transformation of funeral rituals, trends in the development of material culture, the principles of interrelation with the population of adjacent regions, problems of chronology and periodization of the Atasu culture of the region are reconstructed, the role of the local population in the formation of the central Kazakhstan array of Andronov antiquities is determined.

The book is designed for archaeologists, anthropologists, ethnographers, as well as anyone interested in the ancient history of Kazakhstan, the Urals, Altai and Western Siberia.

Urban population of the western siberia in 1960-s 1980-s historical demographic research

Dashinamzhilov O. B. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2018., 368 p., ISBN 9785769216206


Demographic results of the process of urban transition in Western Siberia in conditions of stable social economic and political development of the country after social catastrophes and cataclysms of the first half of the XXth century are researched in the book. Development of big, average and small urban settlements, dynamics of number and national composition, of ethnical demographic processes and age structure of population is analyzed on the basis of rich resources materials. The main factors and reasons of birth and mortality variations and peculiarities of ethnical demographic transition are revealed during research of the demographic modernization of Western Siberia. The major attention has been paid to migration movements of population including different categories of urban settlements, to inter-territorial areal relocations.

The monograph is addressed to a wide circle of readers that are interested in history of Russia.

Plastic deformation of high-strength metallic materials

A.N. Tyumentsev, A.D. Korotaev, I.A. Ditenberg, Yu.P. Pinzhin, V.M. Chernov Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2018., 256 p., ISBN 9785769216282

DOI: 10.15372/Deformation2018TAN

The monograph summarizes the results of studying the regularities of plastic deformation and reorientation of crystal lattice in high-strength and nanocrystalline metallic materials of various classes (pure metals with FCC and BCC lattices; high-strength alloys with disperse and solid-solution strengthening; intermetallic compounds based on Ni3Al) under various conditions of intense external influences. Among the methods of mechanical influence this work presents the active deformations by stretching of high-strength alloys with disperse strengthening; thermoelastic stresses and shock waves generated by powerful ion beams; large plastic deformations using rolling, equal-channel angular pressing and torsion on Bridgman anvils. The following issues are considered: the physics of the formation and plastic deformation of nanostructured states; cooperative mechanisms of their formation; specific features of their high-energy defect substructures with high values of the crystal lattice curvature; the dependence of these features and mechanisms on the conditions of plastic deformation, microstructure and properties of materials.

This monograph is useful for specialists in solid state physics and materials science, lecturers, postgraduates and students of relevant specialties, technologists developing new materials and technologies for their processing.
Stoichiography, or the basic principles of the art of detection, identification and quantification of chemical compounds without the use of their standards

Malakhov V. V. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2018., 284 p., ISBN 978-5-7692-1606-0


The monograph is devoted to the consideration of new concepts in chemistry about stoichiography and stoichiographic methods for studying the composition, structure, and properties of various substances and materials. The principles of stoichiography and "standardless" stoichiographic methods, theoretical and practical aspects of these methods are described, instruments for stoichiographic research are described. The main attention is paid to the stoichiographic method of differentiating - separating - dissolution (DR), which is used to study and analyze solid inorganic multi-element multiphase substances and materials. The theoretical aspects of the dynamic processes of dissolution and separation of solid phase mixtures, the results of mathematical modeling of DR processes, and the rules of stoichiographic calculations are considered. For the first time, the principles of fan separation of mixtures of substances in dynamic mass transfer processes and a composite method for solving the problems of chemical analysis of solid inorganic substances by the DR method are presented. A preparative version of the DR method and the application of this method in physicochemical studies are considered. Examples of DR analysis of minerals and rocks, mineral processing products, atmospheric aerosols, functional materials with specific chemical and physical properties, as well as archaeological finds are given.

The book is intended for researchers, graduate students in the field of analytical, inorganic, physical chemistry and materials science.

Galina I. Varlamova, Alexander N. Varlamov, Natalia E. Zakharova, Margarita P. Yakovleva Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2018., 360 p., ISBN 9785769216213

DOI: 10.15372/NAMES2018VGI

An index dictionary is a systematic set of Evenkis language and folklore material that has been accumulated. This is a new method of scientific knowledges organization in examining spiritual culture of the ethnos. The dictionary includes 106 names of characters from 46 legends which are the published fund of epic heritage to date. The main dictionarys purpose is a selection of epic names which are showing more typed, characteristic and meaningful images of northern Tungus epic heritage.

Dictionary articles are located according to Evenkis alphabet and contain short and full names of characters, names etymology and translations in Russian, characters storyline, folkloric descriptions of characters. The dictionary is accompanied by information about people who collected the Evenki folklore and about narrators (their materials were used during the creation of the index dictionary).

This index dictionary is intended for folklorists, ethnographers and linguists, also it will be helpful for students and for all people who are interested in language and folklore of Evenki.
Reliability and resource of technical systems in extreme operating conditions of the Arctic and Subarctic: railway transport

Grigoriev A. V., Lepov V. V. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2018., 112 p., ISBN 978-5-7692-1623-7


This monograph acquaints the reader with the concept of damage mechanics in materials and structures (damage mechanics), contains the results of experimental studies of the mechanical properties of wheel steel and the identification of features of defects that arise during the operation of railway equipment in extreme climatic conditions of the Russian Arctic and Subarctic, as well as the corresponding theoretical models and practical techniques. For the first time, relations have been obtained linking the change in the dynamic strength of steel at low temperatures with the accelerated accumulation of damage, and a methodology for assessing damage and resource from climatic data is proposed, which allows us to use the developed approaches for any regions of the Earth and other planets with extreme operating conditions. Concrete recommendations on the application of the developed technique are given and methods for increasing the resource of railway wheels are proposed. The book is intended for specialists in the field of strength and resource assessment, ensuring the safety of operation of technical systems and complexes in extreme conditions, as well as for students and graduate students - physicists, mechanics, miners, builders specializing in the development of regions with extreme climatic conditions, modeling processes and systems intended for use in the Arctic and Subarctic, as well as for reference purposes. It may be useful for high school students in carrying out the first research work.
Seeded meadow formations during biological reclamation of disturbed lands in the Yenisei North

Sariev A.X. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2018., 109 p., ISBN 978-5-7692-1622-0

DOI: 10.15372/MEADOWS2018SAK

The monograph reflects the ways of creating seeded meadow formations on the technologically disturbed lands with the function of turf protection of the tundra surface using perennial grasses. The features of the growth and development of perennial grasses in the tundra zone were studied. The norms of grass sowing, methods of cultivating the soil, the timing and methods of sowing grass, the dose of mineral fertilizers are given. The qualitative feed characteristics of herbs, the economic efficiency of the use of cereals in permafrost are also disclosed. Based on the research, methodological recommendations were developed, and proposals for production were given. The publication is designed for agricultural professionals, environmentalists.
The system of humic substances as a basis for the diagnosis of paleosols and the reconstruction of the paleo-natural environment

Dergacheva M. I. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2018., 292 p., ISBN 978-5-7692-1594-0

DOI: 10.15372/SYSTEM2018DMI

The monograph is devoted to the theoretical substantiation of the possibilities and limitations of the pedogumus method for the diagnosis of paleosols and the reconstruction of the paleo-natural environment. The position of the humus substances system as a soil memory is argued, underlies the method, describes the course and methodological features of its application, discusses the principles and rules for deciphering the information contained in the composition and structure of paleopoch humus substances, gives examples of using the method for reconstructing the paleo-natural environment of different time slices paleogeographic history of individual regions of continental Eurasia. The principles of creation and quantitative criteria of the current (modern) basis necessary for the implementation of the pedogumus method are also discussed. The book is of interest to researchers in various fields related to the need to carry out reconstructions of the natural environment and forecasts of its behavior, including paleopedologists, soil scientists, paleogeographers, geoecologists, archaeologists and other natural history researchers.
The methods and instruments of an intermediate power take-off from the half-wave power transmis-sion lines

A.V. Kobylin, Kobylin V.P., P.F. Vasilyev, A.M. Khoiutanov Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2018., 112 p., ISBN 9785769216138

DOI: 10.15372/Methods2018KAV

The monograph is devoted to a comprehensive study of a number of key problems that determine the reliability, survivability and efficiency of electric power transmission systems in the extreme conditions of the North. The regime issues of extended air lines of the half-wave type are considered with the use of conversion technology to reduce voltage and power losses in cold climate conditions. The methodical foundations of voltage stabilization for the load of the power take-off line from half-wave power transmission and a method for obtaining information on the change in the phase shift angle between the currents of the half-wave line and the power take-off line are presented. The tasks of a comprehensive study of the principles of constructing the excitation system of the booster channel and stabilizing the load parameters of the power take-off line are being solved. The distribution of voltage by key in chain structures and the method of stabilizing the voltage of the intermediate system using thyristor switches with artificial commutation are analyzed. The transient processes in the voltage regulator are studied by the switching function method. The qualitative indicators of the power of the power take-off line from a half-wave line with a thyristor parameter stabilizer are investigated. The influence of the climate stiffness on the operational reliability and efficiency of the thyristor keys of the parameter stabilizer is estimated. The book is intended for workers of scientific, design and energy supply organizations, university and postgraduate students interested in the reliability of half-wave lines in cold climates.

The lower kolyma dialect of the even language

Sharina S. I. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2018., 184 p., ISBN 9785769216039

DOI: 10.15372/Dialect2018SSI

The monograph is devoted to one of the unexplored dialects of the Even language. The first time is described the systematic description of the Lower Kolyma dialect having specific features at all levels of the language. Phonetic, morphological, lexical and syntactic features of the dialect are revealed, which allow to determine the place of the dialect in the classification system of dialects of the Even language the dialect is identified as the idiom of the western dialect. In applications, a new language material is introduced into the scientific circulation. The new data obtained are suitable for comparison with the materials of other dialects and with dialects of related languages, primarily the Evenki language. The book is directed for researchers and specialists in the Even and other Tungus-Manchu languages, students, graduate students and anyone who is interested in dialectology.
Involvement in the processing of industrial wastes (mechanochemistry for ecology)

Kaminsky Yu. D. Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2018., 295 p., ISBN 978-5-7692-1592-6


The monograph discusses the impact of various methods of mechanical, thermal and chemical activation for the processing of clay raw materials, arsenic-containing sludge, ash and slag dumps of thermal power plants, asbestos production waste, waste dumps and gold mining. The possibilities and features of mechanochemical technologies for the intensification of the processing of environmentally hazardous industrial wastes are shown. Technological schemes for extracting arsenic, non-ferrous, rare-earth and noble metals, high-purity silicon and magnesium oxides from arsenic waste have been developed and justified (ecologically and economically). Shown examples of obtaining from industrial waste construction, composite and technological materials, including products and products of high technological readiness. The principles of designing new equipment for the implementation of the processes of extraction from the dumps of gold mining of mercury, fine gold and valuable minerals are substantiated. The results of pilot industrial development of the developed technological processes and equipment are given. For environmentalists, scientific and engineering-technical workers of chemical-metal enterprises and construction industry, teachers, graduate students and students of technological faculties interested in the use and processing of industrial waste.

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