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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2019 year, number 6

Dynamics and relationships of plankton organisms in lithorals of a large equal water reservoir in the beginning of the vegetation period

E. V. Kuznetsova1, D. B. Kosolapov1,2, N. G. Kosolapova1, E. G. Sakharova1, A. V. Krylov1
1Papanin Institute for Biology of Inland Waters of RAS, Borok, Russia
2Cherepovets State University, Cherepovets, Russia
Keywords: фитопланктон, зоопланктон, микроорганизмы, литораль, Рыбинское водохранилище, phytoplankton, zooplankton, microorganisms, littoral, Rybinsk reservoir


In April - June, the dynamics and interrelationships of planktonic algae, bacteria, protozoa, invertebrates and viruses were studied in different types of coastal shallow water zones of the Rybinsk reservoir (Upper Volga). The features of seasonal succession of different components of the littoral plankton community are revealed. The spring peak in the development of phytoplankton, caused by diatoms and cryptophyte algae, is poorly expressed in coastal shallow waters. An increase in the number of bacteria, development of protozoa and zooplankton in the littoral occurs earlier than in the open part of the reservoir. Accordingly, the «pure water phase» comes earlier and has a shorter duration. An important role in the nutrition of the littoral zooplankton, in addition to phytoplankton, is played by heterotrophic protozoa and bacteria, developing through the use of both auto and allochthonous organic substances.