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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2017 year, number 6

Impact of a Local Time-Periodic Load on an Ice Sheet with a Crack

L. A. Tkacheva
Lavrent'ev Institute of Hydrodynamics, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia
Keywords: тонкая упругая плавающая пластина, изгибно-гравитационные волны, краевая мода, преобразование Фурье, метод Винера-Хопфа, floating thin elastic plate, flexural-gravity waves edge fashion, Fourier transform, Wiener-Hopf method


The problem of the vibrations of an ice sheet with a rectilinear crack on the surface of an ideal incompressible fluid of finite depth under the action of a time-periodic local load time is solve analytically using the Wiener-Hopf method. The ice sheet is simulated by two thin elastic semi-infinite plates of constant thickness. The thickness of the plates may be different on the opposite sides of the crack. Various boundary conditions on the edges of the plates are consudered. For the case of contact plates of the same thickness, a solution in explicit form is obtained. The asymptotics of the deflection of the plates in the far field is studied. It is shown that predominant directions of wave propagation at an angle to the crack can be distinguished in the far field in the case of contact of two plates of different thickness. In the case of contact of identical plates, a edge waveguide mode propagating along the crack is excited. It is shown that the edge mode propagates with maximum amplitude if the vertical wall is in contact with the plate. Examples of calculations are given.