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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2017 year, number 6

Simulation of the Transverse Injection of a Pulsed Jet from the Surface of a Flat Plate into Supersonic Flow

K. N. Volkov, V. N. Emelyanov, M. S. Yakovchuk
Ustinov Voenmekh Baltic State Technical University, St. Petersburg, 190005, Russia
Keywords: управление вектором тяги, пластина, нестационарность, струя, вдув, клапан, численное моделирование, thrust vector control, plate, unsteadiness, jet, injection, valve, numerical simulation


The transverse injection of a pulsed jet into supersonic flow for thrust vectoring in solid rocket motors is investigated. The gas flow through the injection nozzle is regulated by a piston which performs reciprocating motion. Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations and the (k-e)-turbulence model equations are discretized using the finite volume method and moving grids. The pressure distributions on the plate surface obtained using various approaches to the description of the flow field and difference schemes are compared. The solution obtained for the case of injection of a pulsed jet is compared with the solution for the case where a valve prevents gas flow through the injection nozzle. The dependence of the control force produced by injection of gas on time is investigated.