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Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves

2017 year, number 4

Numerical and Experimental Study of Ignition of a Two-Phase Fuel Composition (Air + Ethanol) in a Resonance Gas-Dynamic System

K. Yu. Aref'ev1,2, A. V. Voronetskii2, M. A. Il'chenko1, S. A. Suchkov2
1Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motors, Moscow, 111116 Russia
2Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, 105005 Russia
Keywords: двухфазное течение, газодинамическое воспламенение, дробление капель, испарение капель, резонансная газодинамическая система, two-phase flow, gas-dynamic ignition, droplet fragmentation, droplet evaporation, resonance gas-dynamic system


A mathematical model, laboratory setup description, and results of a numerical-experimental study of specific features of an unsteady two-phase flow of the air-ethanol fuel composition in the duct of a resonance gas-dynamic system (RGS) are presented. The basic specific features of ignition of the fuel mixture in the resonance cavity are detected. The conditions of ignition are determined, and the ignition delay time of the fuel composition in the RGS is estimated. The data obtained in this study can be used for modeling physical and chemical processes and for choosing liquid fuel injection modes satisfying the conditions of ignition of two-phase fuel mixtures in the RGS.