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"Philosophy of Education"

2015 year, number 6


I. S. Urbanaeva
The Institute for Mongolian, Buddhist and Tibetan Studies of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 6, Sakhyanovoy St., Ulan-Ude, Russia, 670047
Keywords: индо-тибетская махаяна, традиция Наланды, буддийская философия, доктрина пустоты рангтонг, постепенный путь, мадхьямика, прасангика, теория достоверного восприятия, философское образование, медитация, Indo-Tibetan Mahayana, Nalanda tradition, Buddhist philosophy, the Rangtong Doctrine of Emptiness, the Gradual Path, Madhyamika, Prasangika, the theory of valid cognition, philosophical education, meditation


The article considers the issues of topicality for modern humanity and, especially, for Russia of the rational content of the Indo-Tibetan system of Buddhism - a critical philosophy that «empties» the realistic ontology and reveals the gnoseological roots of negative emotions and behavior, the philosophical education - the knowledge of the basic doctrines of Buddhism (the Four Noble Truths, the Rangtong doctrine of emptiness) and the methods of one-directional and analytical meditation used for achieving deep and stable positive changes of consciousness. The main idea is that the «internal» science of Buddhism which is founded on the theory of valid cognition due to Dignaga and Dharmakirti and, in general, on the Nalanda philosophical tradition is a theoretical basis of the path of gradual improvement of personality by means of various techniques which are ordered in a substantiated system and are practically effective. These knowledge and techniques have universal significance and application.